Monday, June 21, 2010


One of the most suggestive scents in the long history of aromatics is Frankincense. This fresh, fruity, pine-lemon bouquet with delicately sweet, resinous and woody feeling slows and deepens breathing. It has been used since ancient times to awaken higher consciousness, and enhance spirituality, meditation and prayer.

Frankincense is generally known as an historic biblical component, and to many as one of three gifts from the visiting Magi to the newborn Jesus and as an ingredient in the Old Testament's Exodus incense mixture. Few have experienced its aroma though or know of its rich history and how the world has treasured and used it since long before recorded time.

The most beautiful perfume I have ever come across is Frankincense. From The Body Shop. It's a musk the longer it's on the better it gets, If you want to woo someone that's it. Expensive but it lasts a vary long time, He will remember it / you. but don't abuse it, or they will smell you before they they see you. And don't divulge what it is otherwise it looses it's allure.

Not a lot of Girls know that. But if You came into the room I would have to have a sniff off of you. (Mailliam on Yahoo! Answers)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Davidoff Introduced Cool Water

Another creation from Davidoff is Cool Water introduced in 1988. This fine fragrance is available in Coriander, Rosemary, Sage and is accented with Amber, Oakmoss and Sandalwood. Cool Water is recommended for all around use.

Introduced in 2002, Puma is a creation from the famous company Puma. it has  fragrance of flowers. This feminine scent possesses a blend of: Fresh Citrus, Florals and Light Woods, It is believed to be very womanly.
Cool Water By Zino Davidoff For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 0.5 OzCool Water 1.4 Fl. oz. Eau De Toilette Spray MenPuma by Puma Vial (sample) .04 oz for Women
* Puma Man by Puma * 1.6 / 1.7 oz (50 ml) EDT Spray  Puma by Puma Vial (sample) .04 oz for Women

ETERNITY and Eau d' Hermes

Calvin Klein introduced Eternity in 1989. It's fragrant nature explores essences of lavender, jasmine and amber. Blended with notes of rosewood, vetiver and sandalwood, Eternity is an all around fragrance.

Hermespresented Eau d' Hermes, one of the most famous products of it . It is available in Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cedar Cummin, Birchwood and Moss. . It gives a spicy woody scent.
Obsession Night by Calvin Klein for Women 3.4 oz Eau de Parfum SpraySex In The City Love for Women, Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Ounces
Buy New! from AmazonPerfume CAROLINA HERRERA 1.7 oz Eau De Parfum For Women by CAROLINA HERRERA
Provocative by Elizabeth Arden For Women Eau De Parfum Spray 1 oz